Prolonged Hiatus is Over

I’m Back.

Those of you that haven’t given up checking this site, or your feeds subscription may have been wondering where I’ve been. Hell, those of you that have stopped checking were probably thinking the same until they gave up on me and removed me from their blogrolls and bloglines feeds list.

Well, I’m here, back if you will, to let you in on a little secret… I’ve been busy… mucho busy.

“Yeah, yeah… heard it all before”

No… seriously. I have been VERY busy, in all aspects of my life… and this blog has suffered for the last 6 months because of it.

Now, I plan of back-filling the blog with some information about what I’ve been up to…

  1. To record what I’ve been doing; and
  2. To get rid of that ugly lacuna in my Monthly Archives

Now, those of you still with me may have noticed some changes to the look of the site… and this site make-over has been on the cards for some time. Like my blogging, it has suffered because of the unbelievable “degree of busy” I’ve been experiencing this year (and for some time prior too, I must add). Well, I decided to say “to hell with it” on a few of my other commitments for an evening or two and get this design up and running, and to implement some useful plugins which will facilitate regular postings here. A post on the new design and plugins will be one of the posted in the next few days.

Also, there will be some other changes coming… notably in the subject matter you’ll see here. I hope to make this blog more design orientated. It’s still a vision in its infancy… We’ll see how/if it develops beyond the idea phase.

Let’s leave it there for now. Don’t want to over do it on my first night back blogging… hate to suffer from “Born-Again Blogger Burnout”.

Treinta y Tres

Rolling Rocks 33 logo

Rolling Rocks’ 33

Where has the year gone? 365 days ago seems almost like yesterday. At least they were a relatively good 365 day (with an obvious exception… but I guess it could have been much worse).

So… what has 33 have in store? Anyone’s guess really… but looking at the significance of the number, one suspects there might be a bit there.

  • 33 is the largest positive integer that can not be expressed as a sum of different triangular numbers. It is also the smallest odd repdigit that’s not prime (unless we consider 1-digit integers to also be repdigits).
  • The sum of the first four factorials is 33.
  • Jesus’s age when he was crucified in 33 A.D., according to many, though not verified historically.
  • Alexander the Great died at the age of thirty-three.
  • A highly significant number to the Freemasons, and is one of their sacred numbers, recurring profusely throughout their ‘Dogma’ (as Albert Pike calls it), rituals and other miscellaneous places.
  • In French, Italian, Romanian and Spanish, the word a patient is usually asked to say when a doctor is listening to his or her lungs with a stethoscope (Trente-Trois, Trentatrè, Treizeci ÅŸi trei, and Treinta y Tres).
  • A normal human spine has 33 vertebrae when the bones that form the coccyx are counted individually.
  • And much much more

Oh well, with the world cup this year, and a new PC coming soon (fingers crossed), hopefully there will be more blogging this year than last.

Stefan Richard

Stefan Richard Kekoc

Stefan Richard at 5 days of age

Two weeks ago, the 19th of October, at 1:25am, Stefan Richard Kekoc was born. Michele had her waters broken at approximately 2:30pm the previous day, was placed on the oxytocin drip to speed up and strengthen the contractions at about 8pm, and only when she was ready to start pushing at midnight was it discovered that Stefan was in a breech position. We were given to option to go for a breech birth of to have the baby delivered by caesrean section, the doctor telling us the pros and cons of each… the safest seemed to be the caesarean, so Michele was preped for surgery and Stefan was safely out by 1:25am.

Mother and child are doing well, though, Michele hasn’t rebounded as well from the surgery as she did from the natural deliveries of the past. I’m just glad that everyone is fine and safe… I’m thouroughly enjoying being the father of a new born again.

Arijana and Her Shadow

When did you first notice your own shadow? Can’t remember!? Well, neither can I. All the more reason to record the event here for Arijana.

On Friday, I got a call at work from Michele. At 18 months and 1 day of age, Arijana noticed that she had a shadow… and she didn’t know what to make of it.

While picking up Tatiana from school, while walking through the playground, heading back to the car, Michele did a quick headcheck of the kids and noticed that Arijana had fallen behind a little. Looking back Michele saw Arijana looking at the ground, and raising her arms into the air, lowering them, and then raising them again. The shadow did as Arijana did (strangely enough).

Then Arijana waved… her shadow waved.

Then Arijana looked closer at the shadow and noticed that it was attached to her feet. She step back away from it only to have it follow her.

She lifted her foot and brushed at the sole, her attempt to make sure none of the shadow was still stuck to her foot, but as she rested her foot back on the ground the shadow immediately reattached itself.

This is when she decided to RUN! She zigged and zagged across the playground in a vain attempt to escape her pursuer, crying and screaming.

Michele almost wet herself at the sight. If only we had a video camera to capture the occasion.

Blood on the Tiles

While I suspected as much to be true, yesterday morning I had it confirmed that:

  • It’s quite easy to slip in the bath/shower
  • In a one-on-one battle between the human head and the corner of a vanity unit, the head will lose
  • Speaking of losing stuff… consciousness…
  • A cut just above the right temple will bleed A LOT
  • Your wife WILL scream your name when she comes in and finds your lifeless body hanging out of the bath with a pool of blood on the floor under your head
  • Understandably, children that see their bleeding father laying on the bathroom floor will become emotional
  • It does seem like forever before the ambulance arrives
  • You do start to consider all the things you’ll miss if you die
  • You will make a conscious effort to stay awake
  • The ambulance officers, having seen much worse in their line of work may describe the two inch cut as “just a graze” and may opt not to take you to the hospital, but that you take a day or two off work
  • This will all occur in the brief period between your ambulance subscription lapsing and you getting the Medicare cheques back which allow you to renew your membership
  • That will not matter because you’ll be grateful for still being alive
  • During your enforced day-off you’ll happily spend as much time with your family, playing chess, monopoly and UNO all day
  • Chewing may cause the wound to reopen
  • You may discover a bruised rib and knee when it’s time to go to bed
  • You may find it difficult to sleep as you can’t rest your head on one side

I’ve considered my own mortality a few times over the years, usually when a friend has died at a young age, but it’s different when you’re laying on the floor, holding a towel to your head trying to stop the bleeding… it’s no longer a philosophical consideration, it’s a real-time, real-life one.

Oh… and another thing… the pool of blood WILL stain the grout between the tiles on the bathroom floor.