Five Eyed Linesman

A study by a “family medicine specialist” in Spain has concluded that the human eye is unable to accurately detect offside during a soccer match because of the eyes physiology and it’s inability to process all the visual information required to properly ejudicate an offside decision, and that this might be the reason that linesmen get things so wrong, so often.

[T]o apply the rule correctly the referee must be able to keep at least five moving objects in his visual field at the same time – two players on the attacking team, the last two players of the defending team and the ball.

He said this was beyond the capacity of the human eye, especially as these five objects could be anywhere in the defenders’ half of the pitch.

What a load of RUBBISH!!!

I’m back

It’s good to be back… I’ve missed blogging. At first I was too busy to blog, but when things settled and I went to login to movabletype… I couldn’t. It’s completely stuffed… no great loss though as I was going to ditch it anyway, and its early demise simply expediated my move to WordPress.

Now, I have to transfer the archives from my old site, which will be a considerable task considering I have to do it manually because of the lack of access to MT, add the links and start blogging again… the 2005 Australian Blog Awards will be a good way to jump into the deep-end.