A-League Tips – 2006 – Round 1

Finally, the second season of A-League has arrived… and once again I’ll be letting you know my tips for each round. Unlike last season though, I’ll be up against some added competition from the “experts“. Also, I’ve submitted my tips on the footytips.com.au A-League comp.The increased attention is probably a product of the success of last year and of the Socceroos at the World Cup in Germany. Regardless of the reason, it’s good to see interest growing.

So… my tips.

Melbourne Victory FC v Adelaide United FC [1:1]
Queensland Roar FC v Perth Glory FC [1:0]
New Zealand Knights FC v Newcastle Jets FC [0:1]
Sydney FC v Central Coast Mariners FC [1:1]

Let the games begin.

[Update 28/08] – The SBS team are publishing their A-League tips on the SBS World Game website.

My efforts for the round were pretty poor, managing to only tip the Qld win over Perth… this puts me on equal pegging with Damo and Andrew from SBS, Cheryl and Graham at SMH and the monkey with the keyboard ((Representing random dumb luck, i.e. what a monkey with a keyboard should be able to manage based on statistics alone)). Only Tony (SBS) has started worse. Three SMHs managed 3 right (Hazem, Anthony and Michael L ((Though Michael Lynch is actually a writer for The Age))). Interestingly, only Branko (SBS) tipped Melbourne correctly.

Finally, thanks to James over at Confessions of an A-League Junkie, I’ve discoverd and submitted a team into the A-League Fantasy Team comp over at Fox Sports.

Smokers and Supermarkets

It’s been a while since my last real rant… so it’s about time I had a vent.

In my sites this time are smokers… well, not so much the smokers themselves, but rather the supermarkets that have a special customer service counter, the primary purpose of which seems to be to provide a VIP service to smokers buying their “death sticks”.

These walking chimneys just have to walk up to the counter and they’ll get served within seconds, while the 30 or so of us in the “express” lane are forced to wait half-an-hour to get through the line and served. Why the hell do these sado-masicists get preferential treatment?

“They’re only buying one item” the checkout chick might say.

If I want to buy just one item, I have to get it myself, and line-up in the 8/10/12 items or less line behind a stupid idiot that can’t count that high and has 18 items in their basket ((A whole ‘nother (sic) rant in itself)), along with everyone else that has somewhere else to be, doing something more important than waiting in line at a supermarket.

Why the hell can’t the smoker enter the store and line-up with the rest of us? The extra walking and seconds without a fag in their mouth might do them some good.

Alternatively, make the service counter available for others that want to by a single item without having to wait. So that if I just want a box of cereal, can I just rock up and say “A pack of Kellogs Cornflakes Extra Mild” and the checkout chick can drop everything and tend to my request in a prompt and curtious manner.

Not going to happen… guess we’ll just have to grin and bear it.