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The Frying Dutchman – Live at the Punter Club – July ’95

Some might describe The Frying Dutchman as one of the greatest unsigned bands doing the indie scene back in 1995, but they’re probably former members and most definitely lying. Anyway, some time ago I got a Tevion “USB Hi-Speed DVD Maker” from Aldi and on the weekend I finally managed to make the stupid thing […]

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Happy Binary Day – Part 10 – 11.01.11

Given it’s been 1 day since Part 01 of my “Happy Binary Day” posts, and 10 days since my 1st post of this binary year, which happened to be related to the 10th anniversary of my 1st blog post ever, which happened to be on, yes, a binary day, I thought I couldn’t let today […]

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Happy Binary Day – 10.01.11

There are 10 types of people in the world: Those who understand binary and those that don’t. Today is the second binary day of the year. The second of nine. There were nine last year too. There also were nine back in 2001 and nine in 2000… so today is the 29th binary day of […]

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Ten Years of Blogging

Today marks not only the first day of 2011, but also the tenth anniversary of me blogging. Yes, ten years ago, using blogger, I posted the following gems: Welcome to the world that is my mind. This trip should not last too long Finally, I’ve got around to getting a weblog (ie. “blog”) together. Before […]

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