Melbourne’s Southern Star

Melbourne's Monument to the Folly of Man

Melbourne’s “Southern Star”. Melbourne’s attempt at a London Eye type tourist
attraction, except, it’s poorly situated and stopped turning after only a matter of
weeks when stress fractures were detected in the structure.


Southern Star

Southern Star viewed from across the Maribrynong River

I’ve decided that I’m going to make some changes here. I no longer have the time, nor the inclination to pontificate in writing and publish it here for the world to ignore. Not on any subject matter. I had ideas of turning this into an area that recorded my thoughts on logo designs etc… that didn’t eventuate.

So, I’m going to go down the photoblog option for this site. As a result, expect a site redesign in the next week or so.

David Airey

A week or so back, I happened upon a great design related site by David Airey, a graphic designer based in Scotland (I think). I was admiring his logo designs and reviews and I was thinking how this is was exactly what I wanted to do with my site (i.e. logo design reviews etc – I have a couple of reviews in draft from my hiatus).

Anyway, while browsing his site, I came across a post about his $4,000 blog anniversary prize draw. Now, I had intended on making his site a regular fixture on my blog reading schedule, but if I’m able to put myself in the running for part of the $4000 giveaway by subscribing to his RSS feed and writing a post about the giveaway… hell, I’m up for that.