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Hairy Legged Toddler

The other night, I awoke with the feeling that I had something under my chest. I look beside me and noticed that our youngest was in bed with us, and figured that she must be sleeping horizontally, as she’s been known to do, and I must have her leg under me. So I went to […]

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At The Beach

Was out with the clan a few weeks back, and went into a store to buy much needed replacements for my torn, tattered, patched jeans… I had no problem with them but someone was sick of patching them and said they could no longer vouch for the integrity of the repairs given the state of […]

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F-22 Raptor

Managed to get down to Avalon Airshow of Friday for a few hours, and I have to say that I was disappointed… disappointed because There were very few flying displays while I was there.  Compared to last time, where the Thursday trade day was treated to an almost full show, the only aircraft I say […]

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Happy Binary Day – 10.01.11

There are 10 types of people in the world: Those who understand binary and those that don’t. Today is the second binary day of the year. The second of nine. There were nine last year too. There also were nine back in 2001 and nine in 2000… so today is the 29th binary day of […]

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Escaping the Cold

Open publication – Free publishing – More yeppoon Finally finished my 2010 SOFOBOMO book, “Escaping the Cold”, a photographic account of our recent family trip up to the Capricorn Coast of Queensland.

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The Frying Dutchman

Just upgraded to WordPress 2.5 and thought I’d attempt a post to try out the install… The image above is a drawing a friend did of the band I was was in back in 1995. We were called “The Frying Dutchman” and played at the Punters Club in the RMIT heats of the National Campus […]

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Prolonged Hiatus is Over

I’m Back. Those of you that haven’t given up checking this site, or your feeds subscription may have been wondering where I’ve been. Hell, those of you that have stopped checking were probably thinking the same until they gave up on me and removed me from their blogrolls and bloglines feeds list. Well, I’m here, […]

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