If you wanted to get rich, how would you do it ?

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City Lights & Blurred Reflections

City Lights & Blurred Reflections

This photo was taken for the 30 Seconds or More II Challenge over on dpchallenge.com and finished a respectable 9th (of 63). So, when #RoCur curator, Sarah @Stokely, put out a call for a photo of Melbourne for a blog for the @WeMelbourne, I was more than happy to offer it up… the least I could do to repay her for the honour it was being allowed to tweet under the @WeMelbourne handle for a week back in April.

Note: having a look at the image on my computer (as opposed to my phone), I really need to give Sarah a larger version of the photo.

Merimbula Summer Sunset

Merimbula Summer Sunset

Have been tweeting on @WeMelbourne about blogging all night and my site hasn’t been updated since December… how embarrassing. That’s going to change… yes with this post but also from now on… more blogging… YES, I KNOW… I’ve said that before and failed. It’ll be different this time… I hope.

So, anyway… this is one of my all-to-common “Claytons” blog posts. But at least it gets 2013 on the calendar.

This photo was taken back in January, when the clan went to Merimbula for 10 days. Beautiful part of the country.

Given it’s 1.40am, I think I’ll leave it at that.

Port Campbell

Port Campbell

Despite having lived in Victoria for my entire life, I had never been to see the most visited local tourist attraction, The Twelve Apostles… I’d not been beyond Apollo Bay. That changed last week when we ventured out to Port Campbell with the clan… and I must say, it was every bit as beautiful as I’d been told, and I have no doubt I’ll be returning to this part of Victoria to take many, many more photos.

At The Beach

At The Beach

Was out with the clan a few weeks back, and went into a store to buy much needed replacements for my torn, tattered, patched jeans… I had no problem with them but someone was sick of patching them and said they could no longer vouch for the integrity of the repairs given the state of the original material to which it was being adhered.

Anyway, I succumb to the persistent suggestions and we went to take advantage of a 2-for-$109 offer, only to find that they were reduced to 2-for-$89… but that’s not important.

Having selected my two pairs of jeans, we were paying for them and the kids saw something on the counter promoting a photography competition being run by the clothing chain, and they suggested I enter.

I’m not a big fan of such competitions, but had an image in mind that I thought would meet the criteria. However, upon inspection of the “terms & conditions” I decided NOT to enter. The particular item I object to, and that is quite common in such photography “competitions” was this:

All entries become the property of the Promoter. The Promoter collects personal information about you to enable you to participate in this promotion but no further use of this information will be made without prior consent

That’s right… even if a photo does NOT win, the “Promoter” own the photo. I can understand (though, don’t necessarily agree with) the winner handing over ownership of the rights in exchange for the prize… there’s been an exchange of items of value… but to claim ownership of photos merely for entering a competition is a bit unfair. However, clearly the multitudes of people that entered either

  1. don’t mind giving away their photos to a corporation that may use it advertising without a single cent of compensation to the person that took the photo
  2. don’t read the terms and conditions

I’m betting most people would tick BOTH those categories… that is, until they DON’T win and then see their photo being used, and they’ve got NOTHING to show for it.

Me, however, would rather retain ownership of my photos unless I’m properly compensated for it, or give them as a gift to someone deserving i.e. not a multination clothing retailer that tricks people out of ownership of their own images.

About this image: This was taken 2 and a half years ago, out at Port Melbourne beach. Five of my six kids playing on the beach on a hot January evening.