US Politics – SoMD Style

Mid-terms elections here in the US today, and I had to capture some of the local election campaign signs before they disappear. They’ve been up for AGES, and I’ve been meaning to take a photo of a few but have been too busy or slack to do so until now, the last minute.

Much like these photos, I’ve had the intention to blog about the experience of living in the US for some time, but been too slack. Honestly, there’s always something else that has taken priority over blogging, so it’s not entirely due to slackness.

Anyway, that all changes now, as I kill two birds with one stone today, taking these election sign photos and blogging about them… and hopefully, it will start the blogging ball rolling and I make good on my promise (to myself) to post a regular update on the positives and negatives of living in the US.

But that’s for another day… now, back to these Mid-Term Election campaign signs.

I really don’t need to explain the appeal of these. Jack Russell is running for County Commissioner President, and yes Steve Waugh is running for the State Senate (didn’t notice that the smaller signs only had his first name in the small print – the larger signs and bumper stickers have “Steve Waugh” clear as day).


… but the cake has to go to Jack’s opponent for County Commissioner, Randy Guy.


Surely, he’d put Bill Clinton’s escapades to shame.

PS: When in New Jersey, one of the people running for people running for the position of Council Member of Ward 1 in Lower Township is one, Johnnie Walker, Johnnie R Walker. Sadly, I didn’t get a photo.