Mobile Blogging

I’ve been trying to get mobile blogging working here so that I can post from my newish mobile ((Sony Ericsson M600i)) , however I hit a slight snag with my host ISP bouncing email sent from my mobile’s email account. I think I’ve devised a work-around and this post will test if it’s been successful… here’s hoping.


Just watched a couple of repeat episodes of ABCs “Standup!”, which was hosted by Meshel Whatsherface… I know her name is Meshel Laurie, but what is her face? 😉
Seriously though, watching this made me really miss “The Big Gig”, which “Standup!” was supposed to be a rehash of, except Meshel wasn’t as funny as Wendy Harmer on “The Big Gig” and considering how unfunny Wendy Harmer was would suggest that Meshel was really unfunny.
At least the acts on “Standup!” were quite good… especially liked “Flight of the Concord”.
ABC should bring back “The Big Gig”… but who would host it? Corin Grant, perhaps? .

FIFA Women’s World Cup – Refereeing

Just watched part of the 2nd semi-final at the Women’s World Cup between Brazil and USA, and while the standard of play was quite good, the standard of refereeing was far from acceptable.

Handball in the box not spotted, denying the US of a penalty; a clear corner not given because the US defender fell over as she kicked it; the US goalkeeper blatantly stepping outside the penalty box while kicking the ball from her hands yet no free kick paid.

Now, the men who refereed last year Men’s World Cup were refereed last year Men’s World Cup were far from great… I remind you of the farce which was the refereeing in the Australia vs. Croatia match, but the mistakes I witnessed tonight would not have been seen made by a parent refereeing an Under 8s match on a Sunday morning… and most definitely shouldn’t be made at the World Cup level.

(apologies for any errors in spelling or grammer, but this is my first “mobile” blog posting).

I’m back

It’s good to be back… I’ve missed blogging. At first I was too busy to blog, but when things settled and I went to login to movabletype… I couldn’t. It’s completely stuffed… no great loss though as I was going to ditch it anyway, and its early demise simply expediated my move to WordPress.

Now, I have to transfer the archives from my old site, which will be a considerable task considering I have to do it manually because of the lack of access to MT, add the links and start blogging again… the 2005 Australian Blog Awards will be a good way to jump into the deep-end.

St George’s – Grenada

St. George's - Grenada

A few months ago I posted a panorama of New York I took back in 1998. Well, I finally got around to doing another of the panoramas from that trip.

This one is of St George’s, Grenada taken from Fort George… once again using my 35mm SLR (Canon EOS 500), but this time with a tripod. Photo was taken on the 9th of January 1998.

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