2006 Australian Blog Awards – coming soon

It’s time to start thinking about the Australian Blog Awards again… and I’m not talking about the dodgy ones that were put on by some dodgy hosting company that offered a cash prize in a poor attempt to get some bloggers to buy hosting packages… so sad really… I’m not even going to give them the privelage of a link… they’re not worthy… trying to hijack the Australian Blog Awards like they did… we all know that we the Austalian Blog Awards aren’t about the cash.

Anyway… in the next day or two I’ll be announcing the start of nominations… but be warned there’ll be one major change this year… one that’s been forced on me to a degree… all will be revealed when nominations open… later this weekend.

Stay tuned!

2005 Best Overall Australian Blog

Now for the grand finale for this years Australian Blog Awards… the winner of the –

Best Overall Australian Blog award goes to….

Reasons You Will Hate Me

beating The Road to Surfdom on a countback when both had 50% of the vote when all other candidates were eliminated. In the round prior, Reasons You Will Hate Me had a slender, 2 vote lead over The Road to Surfdom and the distribution of votes from The Spin Starts Here what only slightly biased towards The Road to Surfdom… just enough to negate the 2 vote lead, but not enough to hand The Road Victory.

In a clear indication of the importance of preferences, the standings prior to distribution of preferences were:

The Spin Starts Here 12.0%
Barista 10.4%
Tim Blair 9.6%
Ausculture 8.0%
The Road to Surfdom 7.2%
Reasons You Will Hate Me 6.4%

2005 Best NSW Blog

The winner of the

sm_nsw.jpg Best NSW Blog
with 54.2% of votes after distribution of preferences is…


She Sells Sanctuary only managing second place this year with 45.8% of votes after distribution of preferences.

Prior to distribution of preferences Darpism had 14.4%, Tim Blair had 12.2% and She Sells Sanctuary had 10.0% of the vote. Tim Blair suffering at the hands of the preferential voting system.

2005 Best West Australian Blog

The award for the

sm_wa.jpg Best West Australian Blog
with 52.2% after only 12 rounds of preference distribution goes to…

Kick & Scream

The candidates remaining when distribution ended (because a winner was known) were:
A Yobbo’s View with 26.1%
Kitta.net with 13.0%, and
Spiceblog with 8.7%.

Prior to distribution of preferences the figures were 41.6%, 20.8%, 9.1% and 7.8% respectively.