Federation Square

Federations Square

Federation Square – Melbourne

Went into the city with the clan today to take some train/railway photos for the latest dpchallenge and to do some more reconnaissance work for the upcoming sofobomo.

Had afternoon outside to at Transport, from which and took a half decent shot of Fed Square.

Also go some really nice shots train station related shots, which I’ll post later… but these too will make be recreated for sofobomo.

SoFoBoMo 2009 – Melbourne and/or Madrid

Melbourne - View From Southbank


Some time ago, I registered to participate in sofobomo 2009. Pressed for a topic at the time, I opted to make Melbourne the subject of my photo book. I mean, it is where I live, and many of my favourite photos are of this beautiful city… and it shouldn’t be too hard to get enough photos to fill a book.

Steets of Madrid


Well… now I’m toying with the idea of doing two books for sofobomo. Am I crazy? Where will I find the time? Well, it turns out that I’ll be spending a portion of the Sofobomo period in Madrid and what better way to spend my time when I’m not working, than taking photos. Right? Well, that’s a no brainer, but can I really commit to making a book in that period, especially considering I’ll be there working, and I have done little more than look at the photos I took last trip.