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Design History of the Keks Blog – Part III

For almost 3 years, this blog has been using the YAMINTH theme, but as of this weekend, it’s entered the world of Responsive Design with the purchase and implimentation of Readolog… the look and functionality of this design will no…

Design History of the Keks Blog – Part II

Over six years ago, I posted a design history of the evolutions/changes that had taken place over the previous five-and-a-half years. Time to post an update. Unlike the last design history post, I've stuck with the Wordpress for the past six years, and stuck with the one domain... the information below shows what has changes though.

Design History of the Keks Blog

A lot changes in five and a half years… and a lot stays the same. Take this blog for example. 2002-2003 Blogware: Original URL: kex.netsol.net.au/mt Site/Design Status: Extinct2 First Post: 14th of July, 2002 Last Post: 23rd of May, 2003…