2006 Bernie Nominees

Apathy – Thu, 2006 – 01 – 12 03:06

It’s almost time to vote… I say almost as Vlado still has to setup the ballot papers for a few of the cateogries. Until these are ready you may want to start checking out what is on offer at the nominees sites and form an informed opinion before you cast your votes.

Once again, the system that will be used for the ballots is the Optional Preferential Voting System.

You’ll be please to know that voting this year will be much simpler than it has been in the past. No more requesting ballots via email and waiting for a reply. All you need to do is to have an account on Collective Apathy and you’re good to go. As long as the email address you use to confirm your vote matches the one in the Collective Apathy users database, you’re laughing. Please note that these emails will NEVER be sold, traded or given away to anybody… your privacy is guaranteed. When your vote(s) have been cast and accepted, you should receive an email from the Collective Apathy server telling you as much. This year, as was the case last year, the software doing all the work accepting and tallying votes is DemoChoice.

Here are the lists of nominees, group by category, sorted alphabetically, for the 2006 Australian Blog Awards.

Best Overall Australian Blog

Note: Tim Blair nomination declined by relevant party

Best Post on an Australian Blog

Location Categories

Best NSW Blog

Best Victorian Blog

Note: Supermercado Project nomination declined by relevant party

Best Tasmanian Blog

Best Queensland Blog

Best West Australian Blog

Best South Australian Blog

Best Northern Territory Blog

Best Australian Capital Territory Blog

Best Overseas Australian Blog

Style Categories

Best Humourous Australian Blog

Note: The Spin Starts Here nomination declined by relevant party

Best Designed Australian Blog

Best Australian Personal Blog

Best Australian Political Blog

Note: Tim Blair nomination declined by relevant party

Best Australian Photo Blog

Best Australian Tech Blog

Best New Australian Blog

Best Australian Collaborative Blog

Note: The Spin Starts Here nomination declined by relevant party

Best Australian Podcast or Video Blog

Best Australian Mainstream Media Blog


tim blair's picture

Could you please indicate that I decline to be nominated? Or, if it would look less messy, just remove mention of my site. Much thanks.

tim blair – Thu, 2006 – 01 – 12 07:07

nit picking

dreadfuldan's picture

Ta for the nominations whoever voted, but could you please change the name i’m listed under from “Daniel Boud” to “Boudist” please? Would probably make more sense to be labelled by the name of the blog, rather than the author.

dreadfuldan – Thu, 2006 – 01 – 12 07:36

Can Do!

Apathy's picture

I’m on it dudes…

Apathy – Thu, 2006 – 01 – 12 11:52

Enough already!!!

vlado's picture

Enough with the declining nominations! There awards are the people saying what their favourite blogs are… it’s not a spot on a board or council.

If a newspaper ran a poll on peoples favourite movie, George Lucas can’t tell them to not count Star Wars. Can he?! No. This is the same… this is the people having a say about what they like. I’m sure if there was a poll about peoples favourite John Farnham song, he’d love to have “Sadie” excluded… but it wouldn’t be fair to the people to deny them the right to pick that as their favourite. The blogs above have been picked by the people, and they’re the ones that will be voted on!!! Sorry… I was going to allow it, but the more I thought about it, the more I realised that it went against the whole idea of a popular poll.

So… Apathy, please remove the notes about the declined nominations, and remove the strikethroughs too… they’re in the poll!!! Like it or not!!!

About the poll… the ballots will be ready tonight.

vlado – Thu, 2006 – 01 – 12 23:04

Red Rag = Robert Corr!

TamaLeaver's picture

Under “Best Australian Political Blog”, Robert Corr and Red Rag are listed as two different blogs, but they are, in fact, the same blog! Perhaps one of these entries could be lost so Rob’s vote isn’t split … it’s hard to run against yourself!
Tama Leaver
b: http://ponderance.blogspot.com
e: tamaleaver [a][t] gmail [d][o][t] com

TamaLeaver – Fri, 2006 – 01 – 13 02:48

wot no sports section?

rickeyre's picture

I would have thought there were enough decent sports blogs in Australia to warrant a category. Oh well…

rickeyre – Fri, 2006 – 01 – 13 12:41


TimT's picture

I’d like to decline my nomination, too – on the grounds that my blog (Will Type For Food) is not actually NEW. It was nominated for a few categories in last year’s blog awards.

TimT – Fri, 2006 – 01 – 13 23:36

Sorry about the delay, but

vlado's picture

Sorry about the delay, but I’m experiencing some technical problems with the automated ballot software. Hope to have it fixed by this evening (Australian Eastern Daylight Savings Time).


vlado – Sun, 2006 – 01 – 15 01:42

I just had to let it out…

everygoodboydeservesfruit's picture

I wrote a rather infuriatingly arrogant (yet tounge-in-cheek) blog post about these awards in case anyone is interested…

“I Smell Failure.”

everygoodboydes… – Mon, 2006 – 01 – 16 03:00

help, it wouldn't let me vote

markjohnconley's picture

couldn’t find a contact so …. it says my email isn’t registered???

markjohnconley – Mon, 2006 – 01 – 16 23:32

I am in there twice too

tealou's picture

Like Robert Corr, I am listed as both “Trash Talk” and as “Tealou”

Can you merge the votes (all 1 of them lol) please 🙂

tealou – Wed, 2006 – 01 – 18 03:07

[Originally posted on collectiveapathy.com and recovered from wayback machine and reposted here on 03 Sept 2023]