2007 Bernie Nominations

Apathy – Sat, 2006 – 12 – 16 10:09

CA might be hosting it, but Vlado is still running the show.

It’s that time of year again, and it would appear that someone’s a sucker for punishment. Yes, the rumours are true and Vlado is coming back for more… and once again, he’s asked us here at Collective Apathy if we’d host the 2007 Australian Blog Awards. And of course, all we could really say is “Sure, why not”.

Just like last year Vlado will be keeping a close watch on everything… i.e. he’ll be doing all the work again and we’re providing the bandwidth. To be perfectly honest, we’re not really in a position to offer much more than that… we post about as often as Vlado and we supposedly have a team of contributors… problem is we’re all to apathetic.

Anyway… let’s get to the business of running a blog awards.

The categories this year are:

Overall Categories

  • Best Overall Australian Blog
  • Best Post on an Australian Blog

Location Categories

For a blog to be eligible for one of the location based awards, the blog’s main contributor(s) must reside in that state, territory or be overseas. A blog cannot be nominated for more than one of these blogs. Blogs with contributions coming equally from more than one location will have to nominate which category they wish to contest.

  • Best NSW Blog
  • Best Victorian Blog
  • Best Tasmanian Blog
  • Best Queensland Blog
  • Best West Australian Blog
  • Best South Australian Blog
  • Best Northern Territory Blog
  • Best Australian Capital Territory Blog
  • Best Overseas Australian Blog

Style Categories

  • Best Humourous Australian Blog
  • Best Designed Australian Blog
  • Best Australian Personal Blog
  • Best Australian Political Blog
  • Best Australian Photo Blog
  • Best Australian Science and Technology Blog
  • Best Australian New Blog
  • Best Australian Collaborative Blog
  • Best Australian Podcast or Vlog
  • Best Australian Mainstream Media Blog

There have been a couple of minor modifications to a couple of the style categories. These are “Tech Blog” has become “Science and Technology Blog”, and “Podcast and Video Blog” has changed to “Podcast or Vlog”.

Nominations can be made by leaving a comment below (it was going to have a separate post for each category but who could be arsed going to all that effort, and also, people are more likely to get pissed off with making nominations on so many different pages… nah… it’s easier for everyone this way), and they will accepted until the first week of January 2006 (nominations will probably close on the 7th of January). Conditions and details relating to each category are available on the categories nominations page.

Once the nominations have been compiled they’ll be announced, the voting phase will begin and votes will be accepted up until ABOUT the 25th of January 2006. Once again, the announced of the winners will be SCHEDULED to coincide with Australia Day i.e. 26th of January. However, ALL dates quoted are subject to change depending on work load… so don’t be surprised if there’s slippage in the schedule.

Please note the vagueness of the schedule… be aware of it before you start bitching about the nominations or votes closing early, or something like that… nominate and vote early and avoid the grey area of the schedule. Also, if you’ve been nominated and aren’t happy about it, please refer to the following.

The voting system will once again be the much loved optional preferential voting system… but before you take the easy way out and take advantage of the “optional” aspect of the system, please keep in mind that preferences have played a vital role in several categories in the past.

Finally, just as I asked last year (though many of you ignored) I ask that when you’re making your nominations

  1. you provide the sites name
  2. you provide the sites address
  3. you limit your nominations to ONE per category (that way each nominations should get at least one vote)

This will make life easier for everyone (organiser and punters).

Okay. Time to get nominating… and spread the word about the 2007 Australian Blog Awards, and spread it early.

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[Originally posted on collectiveapathy.com and recovered from wayback machine and reposted here on 03 Sept 2023]