2007 Australian Blog Awards – Nominations

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It took me a little longer than I expected to get this years Australian Blog Awards off and running, but I got there in the end and nominations are now open over at Collective Apathy, who have once again kindly agreed to play host.

Not much has changed… pretty much the same categories as 2006… same procedure… but hopefully with fewer stuff-ups (on my part) and bitching (from disgruntled bloggers)… but I’m not going to hold my breath on either of those.

So, go and nominate your favourite local blogs, and spread the word about the 2007 Australian Blog Awards.


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  2. We’d like to take these awards seriously as we beleive that our blog is one of the most widely read, useful and community minded in Australia . . and it saves lives.

    However we cant ask our readers to nominate us by becoming members of another blog etc etc – they will get very confused.

    Is there a simple nomination form either offline or online that will make this easier?

    Our blog and our website rocks, and we will drive a lot of traffic to you if we can find how to get the nominations coming.

    Derek – BlogMaster – CatRescue.com.au
    A registered charity saving the lives of thousands of animals

  3. Kieran,

    The awards have had to take a back seat at the moment… life has different priorities just now. First chance I get a day or two free, I’ll compile the nominations list and set up to polls…



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