Revisiting Football in Australia – 20 years on

Recently, Optus Sports run a four-part series on football in Australia.  It covered the evolution of the A-League, the debate defining Australia’s football future, the vision for fixing football in Australia, and the women’s game in this country.  While there’s a lot in these four lengthy articles that I’d like to dig my teeth into, especially the time that’s past since I’ve had myself a good football rant in this forum, for now, I think a higher priority for me is to revisit the three posts I wrote back in 2001/2002 about football in Australia, which I’ve dug out from the Wayback Machine archives and reposted here.

There’s heaps of gold in these articles written 20 years ago, some scarily accurate (broadly speaking) predictions/suggestions like the move to the Asian Confederation, the move away from incompetent ex-Socceroos coaching the national side, and the restructured national competition.   So, over the next few weeks, I will dust off my football ranting hat, delve into my past diatribes, and share with you some hopes, predictions and/or visions for football in Australia beyond 2022.  At the very least, it’ll give me something to write about in 2042.

For now… just watch this space for some content.