Mowing The Lawn

Victa Classic Cut Lawn Mower

Two years ago today I wrote “Writing, Drawing, Creating” about how I was going to attempt to reengage with blogging. Given I posted a total of four posts in the two years, I think it’s safe to say that was a failed attempt to re-engage with blogging.

That said, I did do considerably better with writing physically, using my moleskins/bullet journals. One frustrating thing about physical media is it’s nowhere nearly as searchable as the digital outlets I use (or used)… so finding stuff is suboptimal… so, this year I hope to do more of my writing here. However, some, if not many, of my posts will be set to private… created purely for my own personal record of life’s happening… like the moleskin entries, but searchable.

Anyway, my first post for 2022 isn’t a private one… it’s a photo I took with my new(ish) Pixel 6, and a paragraph to mark the occasion of me teaching the boys (the younger 2) how to mow the lawn. They’re 16 and 14 and this is a lesson that’s somewhat overdue, perhaps… but with their asthma and allergies… anyway… their first attempts went well. One mowed the front yard, the other the back, and I just instructed and supervised. And, as a result, the lawns are mowed without me needing to visit the physio afterwards… getting old sucks.