WordPress 2.0.2

I’ve finally managed to find an hour (or two) to upgrade this site to WordPress 2.0.2. Yay!!!

The more observant amongst you may also notice a change in design. This is a temporary1 design, as I have had a redesign in development for some time, but the upgrade to WP 2.0.2 has forced me to adopt this design2 until I’m able to complete the proper redesign.

Along with the upgrade of WP and the new “interim” design, I’ve also added a few plugins that I’ve been meaning to add for the longest while… including:

There are several other plugins I plan on utilising, however, this will have to wait until the redesign is done.

  1. I’m sure I’ve said this about designs of the past []
  2. c/o Fredrik Fahlstad []
  3. I used an older version of this in the past []
  4. The plugin that creates these cool footnote things []
  5. Comes with WP2 and will hopefully make managing the flood of comment spam easier… did I mention I got 460 comment spams in the last 24 hours… what’s going on? []


  1. WP rocks… you should never have gone back to MT…

    I can understand your lack of time to *do*, especially with your upcoming nuptials.

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