Australia’s Walking Wounded

After the minor heart attack Australian football (i.e. soccer) fans suffered last week, we’re all very happy to hear the latest reports about our walking wounded… they’re not as wounded as we were led to believe.

Tsuneyasu Schwarzer

Who was that masked keeper? Mark “Tsuneyasu” Schwarzer

For starters it would appear that our captain, Mark Viduka, is well and truly over his thigh strain, and in blistering form at Middlesbrough… again.

Also, it’s believed that Schwarzer and Kewell will be over their respective fractured cheek and groin injury in time for the start of the world cup, if not before… and the latest report even suggests that Tim Cahill will be there in Germany.

Great news for the Green and Gold… for a while there I thought we were going to be paying for the sins of the past… Kevin Muscat karma coming back to bite us where it hurts. Apparently not.

The big question now is, will we see Mark Schwarzer wearing the Tsuneyasu Miyamoto face mask?

[Originally posted on and recovered from waybackmachine and reposted here with spelling and grammar corrections on 03 August 2023]