To Photoblog or Not?

Giraffe Casts Long Shadow

Giraffe Casts a Long Shadow

Much of my online time of late has been spent at DPChallenge and I’ve been considering changing this blog to a photoblog.

Just thinking about it at the moment…

It seems as I continue to neglect this site… question is, will a photoblog fix that. Will this site give me anything I don’t get via my DPC portfolio, or my Picasa, Zoomr and Flickr accounts?

Need to think about this some more.

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  1. Hi. A while back I found a page of wacky High Court cases (or at least leave to appeal hearings) somewhere on your site. The link seems to be broken; I was wondering if you still have the content, and whether you wouldn’t mind emailing it to me?


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