I Got My Family Back

I got my family back today.
My wife and son were discharge from hospital at lunchtime and Family Kekoc (version 1.02) is at home. I’m so tiered after days of rushing around between home and hospital and my in-laws, it will be nice to experience some normality (as normal as it can get with work, a two year old daughter, a four day old son and a one year old boxer pup – he turns one tomorrow). I’d love to make a considerable contribution to today’s log, but I’m stuffed and heading off but before I go, here is the my site of the day for today. Cahoots–Me To The Power Of We. Surprisingly, this and yesterdays sites are without any Flash elements, so I have decided that today is as good a day to have a share site of the day with RUSTED FAITH DESIGN also sharing the “honour” today. Adios.