R.I.P Princess

Today has indead been a very sad day. Today Princess was put to sleep. For 15 years she has been part of my life, but today after a period of suffering, she has moved on. For years I looked after her, she was my dog, until I got married and moved out of home, then she became Stefanies. Princess will be dearly missed, by all in our family.

As was the case with the majority of her life, her death to became my responsibilty. Mum and Stefanie couldn’t bring themselves to take her to Lort Smith Animal Hospital to have her put down, so I, along with Michele, had to take her, watch as she was given the injection and then drive her back to my parents place, where I had to dig the hole and bury my pet chihuahua. It has been a long and difficult day.

Princess Kekoc
April 1986 – May 2001
Rest In Peace.