O Shaft Where Art Thou?

Last night we watched two videos. “SHAFT” with Samuel L. Jackson and “Brother where for art’ thou” with George Clooney. Two very different but both very good movie.

“Shaft” was very much a no brainer, but i’m partial to them. 🙂

“Brother …” was label as ART HOUSE. Now i’m no fan of “art house” flicks usually – we borrowed “My own Private Idaho” with Keanu Reeves and turn the stupid thing off after 5 minutes and made a mental note to “NEVER act on a recomendation from the person that recomended that piece of sh!t”. The exceptions to this broad generalisation would be “Romeo & Juliet” which I thought was the best modern interpretation of the Shakespearian romantic work and the other “art house” flick that comes to mind that I didn’t mind is “Three Colour – Blue” which I watched as part of a photography class I did in uni. But getting back to “Brother where for art’ thou” which falls into the category of “Considering it’s ART HOUSE its pretty good”. Based on the tales of Ulysee’s Odesseys, I can see why these old tales have survived through the ages. Well worth a watch, but if you don’t like it, don’t blame me…I saw it with ABSOLUTELY no expectations and was quite happy with it. I am now of the opinion that this is the key to enjoying a film – HAVE NO EXPECTATIONS and then the movie can’t fail to meet them 🙂 A valid approach to movies, but I don’t know that I condone such philosophies in other aspects of life. I’m getting a bit too deep for my own liking, so I’ll leave it here.