Post-It of Milestones

It has been months since I last blogged. This blog will attempt to record some of the milestones Michael has surpassed since the last blog.
I’ve got these written on a Post-It note and here goes the informations transfer.
13th October – Fell out of the pram, landing SMACK on his forhead on the hard floor of K-mart Airport West.
19th October – Stood with the aid of a coffee table ie lifted himself from a crawling/sitting position.
24th October – Walked around the coffee table
27th October – Stood for about 30 seconds, unassisted ie let go of coffee table
29th October – Stood up for about 30 seconds, unassisted from a sitting position ie didn’t use coffee table etc to get to a standing position.

Something that this list has highlighted to me is how quickly one forgets the significance of such milestones.

More recently, ie Sunday 9th December, Michael clapped without being prompted. He has been clapping for a while but tended to hold Michele’s or my hands and make us clap in a similar manner to how we were forcing him to clap.

There’s a month worth of milestone missing between 29th of October and the 9th of December, but these will require some thought, or are lost forever.