Ode To Tree Rat AKA Squirrel

Merrideth aka mcb has issues another writing challenge. I didn’t take-up last weeks challenge, but I’m feeling adventurous this week.

But, to add to the challenge, I’m going to do write my paragraphs on today’s BlogFodder topic – The habits of squirrels. Now, given the exercise is to write a paragraph (or more) where each word is only one syllable, and there are two multi-syllable words in the topic, it might get interesting…

To make it even harder for myself, I’ll make it a poem, rather than a normal paragraph of text.

Here goes… a multi-versed poem about the habits of a squirrel using only single syllable words.

I choose to start my poem here.

You come in grey, you come in red.
Some of you fly, some fall down dead.
You live in trees, come out at night.
When you run, oh what a sight.

You are small, you eat nuts,
You have fur, you scratch butts.
I’m not sure if you scratch,
But I hear, you’re hard to catch.

You’re like a cute tree rat,
You should run up the tree,
And hide there, ’til you see,
That the cat is not close,
For I saw the cat eat a mouse.

You know that it will be your last day,
If that cat gets its way.
Oh “tree rat”, With fat, fat, cheeks
You are the meal that the cat seeks.
Cute and quick, the cat you may trick
But not old man Joe, with his big stick.

For he hates you so, for you see –
You are living in his oak tree,
He does not like it when you crap on his lawn
Or when he finds that his sheets have been torn.
You get in his roof and make a lot of noise,
Which wakes up his girls and even his boys.

That’s it… I’ve had enough. I know I’ve left it hanging without a conclusion, but my creative juices have dried up and I can’t go on with this anymore.

[Originally Posted by vlado at May 09, 2003 07:34 PM at http://kex.netsol.net.au:80/mt/archives/000866.html – Reposted August 01st 2017 with spelling correction]

and so one day
he gets a gun
your day is done


Posted by: mutter on May 9, 2003 10:33 PM

Why didn’t I think of that…

Posted by: vlado on May 11, 2003 11:45 AM

probably because you are not a cynical, insolent, murderous bint?


Posted by: mutter on May 12, 2003 05:53 PM