Blog Related New Years Resolution – 2005

Happy New Year.

2004 is now behind us and here we are in 2005. Not only does January 1st signify the begining of a new year, it’s also a blog-anniversary for me. On January 1st 2001, I published my first blog post using blogger.

So in light of the begining of a New Year, and the achievement of another blogging milestone (of sorts… hey… considering the number of abandoned blogs that populate the blogosphere, to still be blogging after four years is a milestone of sorts), I’ve decided to go out on a limb and make a blog related New Years resolution.

In 2005 I will publish a minimum of 365 posts, one for each day of the year. I will endevour to make it at least one post per day, however, in some instances days will be missed, but in such instances extra posts will be published to make-up for those missed days.

So, in theory, the long periods of silence which were so noticable on this blog (or it’s Movable Type predecesor) in recent times will be a thing of the past… but we all know the old saying… “In theory, communism works!“. Here’s hoping that my New Years resolution doesn’t go the same way that the USSR did.