ICC XI vs Asian XI

The ICC has announced the “Rest of the World” squad which will take on an Asian XI in the first of two matchs organised to raise funds for the victims of the Boxing Day Tsunami. All the interest seems to be on Warnie’s return to one-day cricket for the event, however I’m more interested in the noticable lack of South Africans and Englishmen. Not a single South African was named in the squad, and only one Englishman made the 12 man squad.

Suprising considering England are supposedly in a position to beat Australia “dethrone Australia in the upcoming Ashes series.

South Africa aren’t all that great at the moment, ranked 7th on the ICC one-day international (ODI) championship table, so the absence of South Africans from the squad isn’t too surprising but with England at #2 on the ICC Test Championship table (2nd to Australia) and at #4 on the ODI rankings, one would expect it to field more than the one player token player. Where’s Vaughan, Strauss and Flintoff? And why aren’t the media asking these questions?

Surely a “Rest of the World” team should include the “best cricketer in the world

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  1. The South Africans and Poms are in the middle of a test series and can’t make it. Whether this be for logistic or contractual reasons, I’m not sure. I would have thought a bit of rescheduling in order.

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