WD-40 and Cocaine Don’t Mix

Apparently, the WD-40 fan club (yes there is a fan club) have a list 2,000 uses for WD-40. Access to the list of 2,000 uses is included as one of benefits of becoming a member of the fan club, and by all means, if you LOVE WD-40, go ahead and join… BUT it so happens that someone has posted the list of 2,000 uses on the net for EVERYONE to enjoy.

While the list is quite extensive, there’s one use not listed – keeping people from snorting cocaine off toilet lids and/or seat.

Yes… the list will have to be updated to 2,001 uses after a pub owner in England discovered that WD-40 and cocaine don’t mix. Apparently a chemical reaction takes place with the cocaine that causes it to congeal and become a mess so it’s unusable. Not only that, it has the added bonus that it “causes nose bleeds when mixed with the drug” which clearly identifies the drug uses to staff and patrtons.

We have seen people with bleeding noses and certain people who we suspected may have been on drugs don’t come here any more” said the publican.

Now that’s all well and good, BUT, how does he know that some innocent poor sod hasn’t gone to use the toilet and slipped and bashed face against the toilet wall or door because of the WD-40 that he’s put on the damn toilet seat?