2005 Best Overseas Australian Blog

The winner in the categories of –

sm_world.gif Best Overseas Australian Blog is…

The Road to Surfdom
who managed to get to 53.8% of the distributed vote after only 17 rounds of preferences distribution.

Due to the early victory, there were 4 candidates left in the running when distribution stopped… they were

Give me spirit fingers dammit!! on 20.0%
What’s New Pussycat on 16.9%, and
Momo on 9.2%

As the 50% criteria had been achieved, there was no need to distribute the preferences for 3rd and 4th place as The Road to Surfdom can’t be caught.

Prior to the distribution of preferences, the percentages were 41.3%, 16.0%, 12.0% and 6.9% respectively.

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