Deliciously Stinky

It would appear that Matt over at (hey… that rhymes) A Whole Lotta Nothing has been engaging in a touch of blog related navel-gazing… perhaps “navel-gazing” is a bit harsh… it’s more a self assessment really.

Then I looked at my own site, filled with ten posts of 3-4 dumb links and sighed. After five years of doing this, I never thought I’d be reduced to handfuls of interesting links sprinkled with a dab of jokey commentary.

Hey… that pretty much all my site was for ages… well that and the odd quiz and commentary. BUT, that’s all I wanted my blog to be. I’d surf the net, find interesting sites and use my blog as a bookmark repository accessible anywhere* and anytime, and it had the added benefit of a description so that I’d know what it was I linked to and why I linked to it.

Visitors to my site like this because I was effectively filtering the web for them… provided they had similar tastes to mine, the links provided a few minutes of interest without them having to go through the rubbish I waded through. I was their internet filter.

I don’t publish those posts anymore… why? That’s what is for these days.

That said, I’ve got a massive backlog of links I intended to someday post here… but that was before delicious came into my life… I’ll probably just link them there.

* with internet access