St Kilda Writers’ Festival

The St Kilda Writers’ Festival is underway… and it would appear that my “expertise” is required for the Panel Topic: The New Diary on Sunday… THIS Sunday.

“Surely you knew you were going to be on the panel?”, I hear you ask.

Well… yes, BUT…

  1. I’d completely forgotten about it until I saw it mentioned on the blog of a fellow panelist.
  2. I may have been sent emails regarding the festival, but they were probably sent to an email account I no longer have access to

Thankfully, I’m only one member of a panel, it’s a topic I’m comfortable with and my public speak has improved (somewhat) since my days at uni.


  1. yes, vlado the emails went to your address…what has happened to that site, by the way?

    oh, you’ll be right for sunday, by the way — there’s 4 speakers so you might not even get a word in.


  2. What are kitchens for? Some of these dogbox dumbos never use them. They get up, get dressed, comb the hair, brush the teeth, get the car out and drive down the road to some cafe for their brekky. Programmed? You bet.

  3. Mr Flop, I don’t gotta do nothing. But I might have a dig in the garden; it’s exercise, and produces cucumbers. And tomatoes. Jogging is exercise, and produces nothing. Except stardom.

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