Blog Awards Galore

It’s been suggested that I provide a summary of this years Australian Blog Awards. In it I’ll summarise the winners, the distribution of first round votes in each of the categories (not just for those that won or came close to winning), how this year differed from last year, and so on and so forth.

In the meantime, you may want to checkout some of the other blog award activity taking place at the moment.

The Bloggies have entered the voting phase. Interesting to see that none of the nominations for the Australia and New Zealand category won anything in the Australian Blog Awards… hell, one didn’t even get a nomination here.

Dutch Bloggies are also taking votes… don’t speak Dutch, but there are some good sites listed.

The South African blog awards… it would appear that the South Africans have seen the problems with The Bloggies that we ourselves noticed and have taken a leaf out of our book and started their own awards… GOOD ON ‘EM, I say…

The Asian Blog Awards have been and gone… the winners being announced on the 8th of January. And to top it off, it was organised by our very own (nominated in Best Overseas Australian Blog) Simon World


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