2005 Best Overall Australian Blog

Now for the grand finale for this years Australian Blog Awards… the winner of the –

Best Overall Australian Blog award goes to….

Reasons You Will Hate Me

beating The Road to Surfdom on a countback when both had 50% of the vote when all other candidates were eliminated. In the round prior, Reasons You Will Hate Me had a slender, 2 vote lead over The Road to Surfdom and the distribution of votes from The Spin Starts Here what only slightly biased towards The Road to Surfdom… just enough to negate the 2 vote lead, but not enough to hand The Road Victory.

In a clear indication of the importance of preferences, the standings prior to distribution of preferences were:

The Spin Starts Here 12.0%
Barista 10.4%
Tim Blair 9.6%
Ausculture 8.0%
The Road to Surfdom 7.2%
Reasons You Will Hate Me 6.4%


  1. I dunno about number of votes, but a run down for each nominee would be interesting. Also a summary of what you (Keks) found that was different this year to last year, etc (ie, election analysis), would be great.

  2. Good job, folks … Vlado et. al.
    Is there a prize for absolute dead-last place? I always win something at the Melbourne Mafia Cup sweep (smile)

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