I’m a Blog Panelist Extraordinaire… NOT!

Despite an early(ish) start to a Sunday morning (sure I’m usually up by 7am thanks to the kids, but I’d hardly class my usual Sunday morning state as “functional) and a touch of nerves, today’s Panel Topic at the St Kilda Writers’ Festival went quite well, thanks largely to my fellow panelists eloquence and intelligence on the subject of blogging.

I thoroughly enjoyed the experience despite stumbling on a few occassions as I searched for the write right words… unlike while blogging, one is unable to refer to dictionary.com for the words needed to express a thought.

So… thank you Meredith, David and Ms Fits, for sharing the experience, and thank you Simon for giving me the privelage of sharing the stage with some great writers/bloggers/people.


  1. I thought you did a great job, Vlado. I’m in awe of your blog knowledge.
    I thought it was lots of fun, really, all things considered.

  2. This member of the great unwashed enjoyed the experience also. Thanks for the inspiration to start interacting with the blogging community. An irrelevant aside but I’m sorry to see Harold Hark at SCATT throwing in the trowel. However, am looking forward to exploring a newly expanded blogging horizon. I’d toast the panel with a drink but it’s not yet midday!

  3. I feel I am duty bound to leave a comment seeing as everyone else did. A truly pleasant Sunday morning. Why they wanted us to get off the stage at 11:30 I’ll never know.

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