Stefan Richard

Stefan Richard Kekoc

Stefan Richard at 5 days of age

Two weeks ago, the 19th of October, at 1:25am, Stefan Richard Kekoc was born. Michele had her waters broken at approximately 2:30pm the previous day, was placed on the oxytocin drip to speed up and strengthen the contractions at about 8pm, and only when she was ready to start pushing at midnight was it discovered that Stefan was in a breech position. We were given to option to go for a breech birth of to have the baby delivered by caesrean section, the doctor telling us the pros and cons of each… the safest seemed to be the caesarean, so Michele was preped for surgery and Stefan was safely out by 1:25am.

Mother and child are doing well, though, Michele hasn’t rebounded as well from the surgery as she did from the natural deliveries of the past. I’m just glad that everyone is fine and safe… I’m thouroughly enjoying being the father of a new born again.


  1. Congratulations Vlado.

    I hope Michele is doing better soon, caeserians are always very hard to deal with. My sister recovered very slowly from hers.

    Little Stefan looks adorable!

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