2006 Australian Blog Awards – Announcement

So I said I’d be announcing the start of nominations for this years Australian Blog Awards last weekend, but I didn’t. You know what it’s like with a family and kids.

I also said that their would be a major change. “What is it?”, you ask.

Well… due to the TINY issue of excess bandwidth usage during last years nomination and voting phases of the Australian Blog Awards, I’ve decided to temporarily relocate operations to another venue this year. Yes, that’s right… I got so much traffic last year that my ISP contacted me to tell me that I topped their bandwidth usage for Dec-Jan… this humble little blog used more of their pipe than any other client. WOW!

But that’s not really a good thing when one considers the cost of that.

Collective Apathy logo

Collective Apathy

So… I emailed the gang over at Collective Apathy and asked if I could scab some of their bandwidth for this years Australian Blog Awards… and they kindly agreed.

It’s still my little baby, but Collective Apathy are just housesitting for me, if you like.

So… head on over to Collective Apathy and submit your nominations for the 2006 Australian Blog Awards.

Please note that there is a new Podcast/VBlog category.

So… tell EVERYONE and get in those nominations!!! Lets make 2006 bigger than 2005…

Update: Looks like there’s something wrong with the comments on the nominations page over at Collective Apathy. Email has been sent and they’ll fix it shortly with any luck… amatures!!! 😉


  1. Amatures! Well I never … OK then, some times 🙂 Anyway its all fixed now, come on down and nominate. Good luck to all the nominees.

    Collective Apathy

  2. As with a lot of these awards they only work if you happen across the website that’s running them. My blog is almost a year old and it was only by chance I came across your blog and found nominations had already closed. I suggest that maybe in the future you adverstise your awards a bit better so more new blogs have a chance too not just the few who are in the know.

  3. Hiya!

    Ive been blogging for a year and a half now, and have never been too savvy with getting my blog ‘out there’…. Can I pop mine into the blog awards? If anything, to see if I can increase my readership from 5 people a day to 10. Mwah!

    Whats the best way to get your blog noticed? Loads seem to be way younger than mine but with huge audiences? Help a tech challenged gay lord from QLD


  4. Peter, Tom,

    The awards have been advertised this year on mefi, many of the nominees sites have put links directly to them on their own sites as a means to drum up support for people to vote for them, not to mention the fact that this is the THIRD year that keks has run the awards.

    In both your cases, i would suggest that your own site’s exposure and content would benefit from being more active in the blogging community, seeing what else is out there, seeing what works and applying it to your own blogs. By participating in the community, you will become a part of it and won’t “miss out” on significant events such as these awards again.

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