Australia Day & Thunderstorms

What is it with Australia Day in Melbourne… this is the second year that the announcment of the Australian Blog Awards winners might be delayed b/c of an electrical storm.

From the BOM:

for damaging winds
For people in the Western, Central, Wimmera, North Central, Northeast, Alpine,
Northern Country districts and Gippsland.
Issued at 5:30 pm EDT on Thursday 26 January 2006

Thunderstorms have developed in the Western, Central, Wimmera, North Central,
Northeast, Alpine, Gippsland and Northern Country districts. Wind gusts to 110
km/hr are possible with these thunderstorms.

In the interests of community safety the SES suggests some simple precautions:
– Secure any loose objects in the vicinity of your home, then:
– Stay indoors if possible
– If you are outdoors, avoid sheltering under trees
– Listen to the radio station for the storm updates
– Switch off computers and electrical appliances
– Do not drive vehicles through flooded areas

The next warning is due to be issued by 8.30pm Thursday

Fingers crossed it passes quickly.

Update: It’s not looking good…
Australia Day Storm Approaches


  1. I just like to mention that the awards seem to be a sham, not because of the TSSH and TSP stuff trying to get SGS to win, just the fact that someone can both win both best overseas and best south australian blog. What is up with that? We the people demand a answer!

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