Melbourne 2006 Medal Table

I had hoped to knock together a Commonwealth Games medal table to rival the one that breaking news have made available, however I was going to make mine a little different in that it would have taken into account the nations GDP etc, much like the table I created in the wake of the Athens Olympics.

There were to problems with me doing this though…

  1. The lack of easily accessible GDP information about the each of such England, Scotland and Wales, not to mention the smallerBritish overseas territories that don’t have them all lumped as the United Kingdom… same for some of the other competing nations, such as Norfolk Island, Cook Islands and Niue.
  2. I haven’t had the time to do it… always the way.

With any luck I’ll manage to track down some figures and some time to make on at the conclusion of the games… but that may be as successful as that site redesign I was planning.