Melbourne 2006 Commonwealth Games Closing Ceremony – Review

A quick review of the Melbourne 2006 Commonwealth Games Closing Ceremony… Gee I’m glad I didn’t pay to see that, and I bet there are thousands of others thinking the same right now.


  • Fireworks


  • Almost everything else, in particular –
    • Channel 9’s coverage, again… really, this time it was mainly thanks to Ray (thank God they ditched Liz)
    • AFL footballers
    • Dame Edna
    • Casey Donovan… but at least it wasn’t Anthony Callea… at least Casey did a half decent job of miming
    • Bollywood… sorry India, but I just don’t get it… but it’s not just Bollywood though, I’m not a big fan of any movies/shows where they sing the dialogue

Some of the other stuff wasn’t too bad… Paul Kelly was almost a highlight, and John Farnham was almost there too… but they were all a bit meh really… Oh… the David Dixon Award going to Samaresh Jung… like the rest of Australia I thought “who?”, but when it was explained that he was the Indian who won 5 gold, a silver and a bronze, I realised that thanks to Channel 9, I probably hadn’t even heard his name mentioned, hence my ignorance. A good choice I’d say.

Anyway, it all over… all the athletes and officials will pack up and head home now.

In short, I have to say the games were nowhere near as disruptive to life in this city as I expected. In fact they were quite enjoyable.

Stay tuned to a write-up about our Commonwealth Games experience from last Saturday where we saw the triathlons and sampled some of the cultural aspects of the Melbourne 2006 festival. Also, you’re all owed a medal table from me… that’s on it’s way.

On behalf of all of Melbourne (because we all know as a blogger I have the right to speak for us all), I say “Thank you to all the athletes and nations of the Commonwealth for making Melbourne 2006 a great games” (nb: I’d thank everyone else, but they were mentioned in the official speeches).

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  1. you SUCK
    the Melbourne 2006 Commonwealth Games Closing Ceremony was da best and i no that cause i was in it

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