Caught the Podcast Bug

Now that I’m finally on broadband, I’ve been able to do something I’ve wanted to do for ages… download podcasts

And I reckon I’m hooked.

It’s quite liberating being able to listen to radio programs (and other stuff) as I walk at lunchtime. I’ve been able to listen to Dr Karl thanks to his podcast on Triple J… and I haven’t been able to do that, apart from the odd occasion when at home sick on a Thursday, since mid-2000.

But I have to say, downloading podcasts on a 256K “broadband” connection isn’t all that pleasant… I’m glad I never attempted it on dialup, but I’m thinking I might have to upgrade my account to something with a bigger pipe. “I need more power”

I’ve been surfing the podcast feed sites, Yahoo Podcasts, PodcastAlley, Podfeed, Odeo, Podcast Directory and a few others, while I download another couple podcast… this time it’s John Safran and something new which gets a few mentions in the “most popular” lists on a few of the podcast sites (no mention of it yet in case is sucks).

I’m even considering getting membership at a local radio station, and getting my own podcast up and running. “Radio station? Not necessary to podcast… and it’s old media, get with the times old man.” I here you say… well, tell me something I don’t know, but the radio gig would give me some broadcasting experience and access to equipment I don’t currently have nor can afford at the moment.

Another nice idea that will remain just that, an idea, perhaps… but you never know. Think I’ll at least give the station a call tomorrow (or should that be later today).