Prolonged Hiatus is Over

I’m Back.

Those of you that haven’t given up checking this site, or your feeds subscription may have been wondering where I’ve been. Hell, those of you that have stopped checking were probably thinking the same until they gave up on me and removed me from their blogrolls and bloglines feeds list.

Well, I’m here, back if you will, to let you in on a little secret… I’ve been busy… mucho busy.

“Yeah, yeah… heard it all before”

No… seriously. I have been VERY busy, in all aspects of my life… and this blog has suffered for the last 6 months because of it.

Now, I plan of back-filling the blog with some information about what I’ve been up to…

  1. To record what I’ve been doing; and
  2. To get rid of that ugly lacuna in my Monthly Archives

Now, those of you still with me may have noticed some changes to the look of the site… and this site make-over has been on the cards for some time. Like my blogging, it has suffered because of the unbelievable “degree of busy” I’ve been experiencing this year (and for some time prior too, I must add). Well, I decided to say “to hell with it” on a few of my other commitments for an evening or two and get this design up and running, and to implement some useful plugins which will facilitate regular postings here. A post on the new design and plugins will be one of the posted in the next few days.

Also, there will be some other changes coming… notably in the subject matter you’ll see here. I hope to make this blog more design orientated. It’s still a vision in its infancy… We’ll see how/if it develops beyond the idea phase.

Let’s leave it there for now. Don’t want to over do it on my first night back blogging… hate to suffer from “Born-Again Blogger Burnout”.

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  1. […] A week or so back, I happened upon a great design related site by David Airey, a graphic designer based in Scotland (I think). I was admiring his logo designs and reviews and I was thinking how this is was exactly what I wanted to do with my site (i.e. logo design reviews etc – I have a couple of reviews in draft from my hiatus). […]

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