Resumption of Non-Photoblog Blogging

I have to start off by saying I’m quite happy with how the photoblog experiment for the past year has gone… some of my most regular, and consistent(ish) blogging for ages. So, I don’t intend to stop the photoblog aspect of blogging here, BUT, I’m feeling the need to write again.

Why? Well… there’s a number of reasons.

Firstly… I’ve honestly missed the experience of writing here.

Then there was the realisation that I’m approaching TEN years of blogging. Yes TEN YEARS! January 2011 will mark the my 10 year anniversary of blogging. January 1st 2001 I posted this gem with the help of Blogger.

Welcome to the world that is my mind. This trip should not last too long 🙂

Finally, I’ve got around to getting a weblog (ie. “blog”) together. Before I get into things, I’ll just lay down the rules for myself and for you, “Joe Public”. The purpose of this site is to provide an outlet for my thoughts and a location that family and friends can come and find out the latest “going-ons” in the lives of the Kekoc family.

This initial “blog” will be a short one, as I am not all too sure of whether it will work and would rather not waste too much time if it doesn’t. If it does work I “intend” to make regular updates of the blog and hope it will prove to be a useful point of reference for family and friends.

With all that said, here goes – TIME TO PUBLISH !

Then, there was the realisation that so much has changed in the word of blogs, the internet for that matter in those 10 years, and so much in the way I use the net, what I do on it, with it.

So… with all that and much more that has crossed my mind in the last two days as I contemplated resuming more traditional blogging, I thought I’d record these ideas, explore them as I once did, here! I’ll blog about how things were and how things are different now… sure, at times there will be a lot of navel gazing… but HEY! This is a blog and this is what blogging has traditionally been all about.

Not that any of this will matter anyway… seeing as my neglect of this blog over the past few years has seen my readership completely dry up… but I didn’t start blogging for the readership… I blogged for myself, and ten years on, I’m right back where I started… blogging for me.

So… my plan is to write something here at least once a week, preferably twice, and the photoblog aspect will continue, probably at a similar rate as has been the norm of late i.e. once a month sort of thing.

Hell if it all goes well, I might even consider runing the Australian Blog Awards, aka The Bernies, again in the new year.

Wish me luck!