Blogging Like it’s 2004

While doing my usual scan of Hot Links, I stumbled upon a link to a recent meme “Blogging like 2004” which had bloggers looking back at their archive and their blogging style back then. This got me curious and digging around my archive to see what I was up to 6 years ago. Basically, I was:

  • celebrating 3 years of blogging, and 1 year of owning my own domain
  • running the Australian Blogging Awards (aka the Bernies)
  • celebrating the arrival of my 3rd child
  • battling with the decision of whether to move from Movable Type to WordPress or TextPattern
  • steering my daughter away from barracking for Collingwood
  • stating how busy my life was, and how this kept me from blogging (things have only gotten worse in that area)
  • complaining about Meg Lees, fascists, Medicare, unrealistic soccer movies (“Bend it Like Beckham”), and comment spam.
  • Suffering my first bout of uveitis.
  • Writing about other Melbourne bloggers.
  • Writing stories about ellipses, and chickens slaughtered by a dog.
  • Discovering that a computer program thought I looked like Eric Bana, Scott Baio and Johnny Depp (and a few others).
  • Calculating a better/fairer indicator of Olympic success… which showed that Cuba was the greatest team at the 2004 Olympics
  • Posting links to interesting sites.
  • Moving to WordPress

Much has changed in 6 years…Life is busier, and I blog MUCH less…The post to interesting sites are now done on Delicious, with the occasional posting to twitter…The personal posts are all on Facebook…The political comments etc aren’t broadcast at all nowadays…So much has changed in 6 years…oh, how I’d love for blogging to be what it was back then…but it’s changed…so much is different now…We didn’t have delicious, twitter or facebook…well delicious existed, but I didn’t discover it until 2005.

Looking back at this, I’m once again reminded of the Bernies, and I’ve thought of reviving these numerous times in the past few years… perhaps this year will be the year I do it… perhaps.