Ten Years of Blogging

Today marks not only the first day of 2011, but also the tenth anniversary of me blogging. Yes, ten years ago, using blogger, I posted the following gems:

Welcome to the world that is my mind. This trip should not last too long 🙂

Finally, I’ve got around to getting a weblog (ie. “blog”) together. Before I get into things, I’ll just lay down the rules for myself and for you, “Joe Public”. The purpose of this site is to provide an outlet for my thoughts and a location that family and friends can come and find out the latest “going-ons” in the lives of the Kekoc family.

This initial “blog” will be a short one, as I am not all too sure of whether it will work and would rather not waste too much time if it doesn’t. If it does work I “intend” to make regular updates of the blog and hope it will prove to be a useful point of reference for family and friends.

With all that said, here goes – TIME TO PUBLISH !

soon followed by

It Worked !!

Well, until I get some time to change the look of the page, the generic page will have to do.

First of all, well its not first really as this is technically the second post, but it is the first post that I’m doing with the knowledge that it will work…anyhow, I’d like to say Happy New Year to Everyone, especially my new son Michael, his beautiful sister and MY Precious daughter Tatiana, and my beautiful and loving wife Michele. I love you all.

and then later that night

Okay, so I should be in bed and trying to get some sleep before I go back to work after ten days off. Instead I’m online finding delightful sites such as
U2log.com – it’s a beautiful blog

So… nothing really worthy of comment, but nonetheless, it marked the first day of my blogging experience.

Here’s hoping I’m a little more dedicated to my blog in 2011 than I have been in recent years.