Balandra Breakfast

Balandra Breakfast was my entry for the “Art of 2014” challenge on DPChallenge. While it finished a respectable 20th with the voters, the real achievement was the Honourable Mention & accompanying “Green Splat” it got from the Jury, and the comment from one of the most respected artists on DPChallenge, posthumous.

The Last Supper reimagined as an absurdist working class cabaret. The indifferent Jesus, the stares into camera, the ridiculous interaction with a miniature tennis racket. As with a great Renaissance depiction of the Last Supper, we can only marvel at how much is going on, at the excess of beauty that we can appreciate so much better than the actual participants in it.

This is the third “Art of” challenge on DPChallenge that I’ve done well in. Back in 2011 “Christmas Day” took out the Blue Splat, and in 2013, I got a Green Splat for “Tight” (I really need to blog about that one too to give people the background story).

“Balandra Breakfast” was taken in Trinidad back in June 2014. We went down to Balandra on the east coast of the island to spend some time at Uncle Bruce and Auntie Marguerites’s holiday home… relaxing with family. During the few days there, many of the extended Trinidad family, uncles and aunts, cousins, and their kids came down to spend some time with us, relaxing… or as they say in Trinidad, “limin’“. One morning, I captured this moment at the breakfast table. Uncle Bruce, head in the newspaper (actually was probably a tablet) checking the football and cricket scores, surrounded by my six kids and three of his grandchildren at the table. The moment happens to have captured the expressions on the kids’ faces just as killed one realises she’s killed a bug with the mosquito bat.