Yahoo Avatar

Self Portrait care of Yahoo Avatar

Self Portrait made using Yahoo! Avatars

I stumbled across Yahoo! Avatars today… and being a bit of an avatar junkie, I just had to see what I could create in the way of a self portrait.

Now, I’m nowhere near as svelte as this, nor do I look as young… however, it’s not too bad a likeness 😉

While I’m posting, I may as well announce that I have some changes planned for this site…

What!? You’re going to post stuff for a change?

Ha ha… very funny… well deserved though.

Yes, I hope to post a little more regularly, but I’m planning of a redesign, which will be implimented later this week. That’s the plan anyway! Stay tuned.

Self Portraits For People Who Can’t Draw

Self Portrait

Self Portrait made using Portrait Illustration Maker

I’ve mentioned avatar creators in the past… and how they may be used to generate a customised avatar or icon for use on a forum etc…

Abi-Station probably have the best set of online software which lets you make your avatar, icon, or portrait.

Self Portrait - Icon

Icon made using Portrait Icon Maker

If however, none of these appeal to you, and you’d rather create one similar to that which appears in my banner… you’ll have to get yourself an account at Gaia Online, earn some points an purchase a wardrobe… or you could just cheat and photoshop a final product to your liking.

With all these tools at my disposal, I might even be able to knockup a comic strip or two… just a matter of having the time.