Yahoo Avatar

Self Portrait care of Yahoo Avatar

Self Portrait made using Yahoo! Avatars

I stumbled across Yahoo! Avatars today… and being a bit of an avatar junkie, I just had to see what I could create in the way of a self portrait.

Now, I’m nowhere near as svelte as this, nor do I look as young… however, it’s not too bad a likeness 😉

While I’m posting, I may as well announce that I have some changes planned for this site…

What!? You’re going to post stuff for a change?

Ha ha… very funny… well deserved though.

Yes, I hope to post a little more regularly, but I’m planning of a redesign, which will be implimented later this week. That’s the plan anyway! Stay tuned.


  1. Hey..

    You looks cool in your avatar, not like me, stack in an Asian face been latina.

    Can someone please tell me where can I get more faces for Yahoo Avatars, I have Yahoo Canada, and the only choices that we have, or at list that I can get, are a face of an Asian chica, with diferent haircuts and eye colors, well and also I can change the color of the skin, but I still don’t like it the look of Asian been latin….PLEASE HELP ME EXPERTS.


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