U2 Tour Postponed

U2 have postponed the Australian leg of their tour because of “illness of an immediate family member of one of the band”… how much does that suck!

According to the Lypton Village, the immediate family member is Edge’s daughter, Sian and her illness is leukemia. Now that’s very sad.

While upset about the tour being postponed, our thoughts are with Sian, Edge and Sian’s mother Morleigh. We pray that Sian has a full and speedy recovery.

That said… man I was looking forward to the concert… but one can understand why you’d postone or even cancel a tour in the circumstances… I’d do the same if it was one of my kids… and if I was a world famous rock star in the world’s greated rock band… now they’re some big “if”… but I guess it wouldn’t matter who or that I was, in such a situation I’d drop everything for my family.


  1. It has extremely sad and all our disappointment was quickly overshadowed by the news of Edge’s daughter.
    We heard the news confirmed on the radio(but then can that be trusted?) but there are now reports that Bono spoke of Sian at the Sth American concerts.

  2. Hi Vlado,

    I 2 was looking 4ward 2 the gig but the postponment only reaffirms that family is the most important thing in the world.

    Well done 4 your sentiments and honesty!

  3. I fully support U2’s decision to postpone the tour, I think no other decision could have been taken in such complicated situation; in fact, I don’t know how they did not to postpone it before, which shows, in my opinion, their absolute professionalism and respect towards their audience. I was lucky I could see them playing in Argentina last March, when I was yet unaware of Sian’s illness… actually, the news about her illness was never mentioned in my country. Anyway I believe that everyone would have accepted their choice if it had been to postpone (or even cancel) their shows. Few things must be as hard to face as seeing your son/daughter suffer from such a harsh disease. I hope with all my heart Sian recovers as soon as possible, and pray for her and her whole family to be strong enough. “Blessings are not just for the ones who kneel…” but maybe if we all “kneel” a little bit, we can help blessings to reach the Evans’ faster.

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