2005 Australian Blog Awards – Nominations

It’s been almost a year since the inaugural Australian Blog Awards were held, and based on last years experience, I’m starting the nominations phase earlier this time.

So, I’m pleased to announce that nominations for the 2005 Australian Blog Awards are open.

The categories this year are:

  • Best Overall Australian Blog

  • Best Post on an Australian Blog

Location Categories

For a blog to be eligable for one of the location based awards, the blog’s main contributor(s) must reside in that state, territory or be overseas. A blog cannot be nominated for more than one of these blogs. Blogs with contributions coming equaly from more than one location will have to nominate which category they wish to contest.

  • Best NSW Blog
  • Best Victorian Blog
  • Best Tasmanian Blog
  • Best Queensland Blog
  • Best West Australian Blog
  • Best South Australian Blog
  • Best Northern Territory Blog
  • Best Australian Capital Territory Blog
  • Best Overseas Australian Blog

Style Categories

  • Best Humourous Australian Blog
  • Best Designed Australian Blog
  • Best Australian Personal Blog
  • Best Australian Political Blog
  • Best Australian Photo Blog
  • Best Australian Tech Blog
  • Best New Australian Blog
  • Best Australian Collaborative Blog

Nominations can be made by leaving a comment on this post, and they will accepted until the first week of January 2005 (exact date to be announced). Once the nominations have been compiled they’ll be announced, the voting phase will begin and votes will be accepted up until ABOUT the 25th of January 2005. Once again, the announced of the winners will be SCHEDULED to coincide with Australia Day i.e. 26th of January. However, ALL dates quoted are subject to change depending on work load… so don’t be surprised if there’s slippage in the schedule.

The voting system will once again be the much loved optional preferential voting system… but before you take the easy way out and take advantage of the “optional” aspect of the system, please keep in mind that preferences were vital in several categories last time.

Finally, I ask that when you’re making your nominations

  1. you provide the sites name
  2. you provide the sites address
  3. you limit your nominations to ONE per category (that way each nominations should get at least one vote)

As I don’t want to have to try to decipher the nominations. Also, if you notice that a site you considered nominating has already been nominated in a category, feel free to NOT nominate it again 🙂

Okay. Time to get nominating… and spread the word about the 2005 Australian Blog Awards, and spread it early.

[Update 15/12/04 23:25 – “Best Australian Collaborative Blog” category added]
[Update 16/12/04 23:55 – “Best Post on an Australian Blog” category added… suggested by Tim Dunlop of The Road To Surfdom fame. Also deleted to request that people not nominate sites already nominated, as doing so may have encouraged them to nominate another blog in its place, thereby potentially increasing the number of blogs that will not get a single first round vote 🙁 ]
[Update 01/01/2005 23:32 – Nominations will close on the 3rd of January. Lists of the nominations will be posted and the voting phase of the 2005 Australian Blog Awards will begin on the 4th of January, 2005, and remain open until the 25th of January. Winners will be announced on the 26th of January, 2005.]
[Update 03/01/2005 23:59 – Nominations are now closed!!!]

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