2005 Australian Blog Awards – Vote

It’s time to vote.

As with last years awards, there will be a degree of manual labour with the voting stage… more so for me than you, but none the less, to avoid “electoral abnormalities” such as those that plagued the recent Ukrainian elections the system will NOT be overly automated. This ballot is to be a one vote per person event so you, the voter, will have to email me to register for the vote. In return I’ll enter your email address into the voting software and send you a confirmation email to let you know where and when you can vote. I hope to reply to each registration request within a 24 hours. A pain, I know, but none of us want a revolution now do we.

So YOU send me a registration request, I email you a set of links where you can vote, and then YOU click on the links and make your selections using the “Optional Preferential Voting System“.


  1. Post the registration request email address on your, or anybody else’s site.
  2. Forward the voting links to people.

A list of all the nominees for each category has been collated and can be found below. They’ve been listed in no specific order (each was assigned a random number and sorted accordingly). Now all that remains to be done is to check them out and vote…

[Update 06/01/05 12:56 – Due to some minor technical difficulties with the voting software, there will be a delay of approximately 24 hours before Registration Request will be processed. Sorry.]

[Update 25/01/05 22:42 – It would appear that the polls close a tad early, so the votes will be accepted up until midday tomorrow to allow people to get in their votes. However, registrations to vote have closed.]

sm_aus.jpgBest Overall Australian Blog


Best Post on an Australian Blog

Location Categories


sm_nsw.jpgBest NSW Blog


sm_vic.jpgBest Victorian Blog


sm_tas.jpgBest Tasmanian Blog


sm_qld.jpgBest Queensland Blog


sm_wa.jpgBest West Australian Blog


sm_sa.jpgBest South Australian Blog


sm_nt.jpgBest Northern Territory Blog


sm_act.jpgBest Australian Capital Territory Blog


sm_world.gifBest Overseas Australian Blog

Style Categories


Best Humourous Australian Blog


Best Designed Australian Blog


Best Australian Personal Blog


Best Australian Political Blog


Best Australian Photo Blog


Best Australian Tech Blog


Best New Australian Blog


Best Australian Collaborative Blog

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  1. Thanks everyone for your patience. Looks like all’s going well as the votes come flooding in.

    Ray… I was somewhat suprised by the lack of a link for livingroom… but if nobody nominates it, it’s not eligable for the vote… maybe next year.

  2. Hi Vlado
    I’ve twice emailed to be able to vote, only to twice receive this message:

    —– The following addresses had permanent fatal errors —–
    (reason: 550 Host unknown)

    —– Transcript of session follows —–
    550 5.1.2 <2005Bernies@kekocREMOVE.com>… Host unknown (Name server: kekocremove.com.: host not found)

  3. you’re doing a great job, Vlado!
    i certainly appreciate what you’ve done.

    and yes, this lets us all know about the great aussie blogs out there.
    can’t wait to discover some more this year!

  4. Hey Vlado,

    I noticed a new site today on my feed listings. I followed it and apparently it is the voting site address. Do you check registered voters against votes cast mate? If tech-stupid me can work this thing out I’m sure someone less honest could have great fun rigging the vote…

  5. Thanks DREADNOUGHT. Yes, it’s pretty simple for someone to find the voting site., however, people can’t vote unless their email address has been added to the list of eligable voters, and that’s done manually from the emails sent to me requesting the link to the voting site. Once registered, the email is only good for one vote on each category… the check is done by the code and multiple voters are told that they’ve already voted.

    While I’m sure that it’s still possible that “someone less honest” who is tech-saavy might be able to sabotage the vote, I’d hope that the measures I have in place would minimise that risk.

    I’d still appreciate it if people kept the URL of the voting site quiet. Thanks.

  6. I just clicked on a link from my referrer log, and it was to a voting site on your page. It said “Best ACT blog”. But I’m an overseas blogger, and so are most of the other blogs listed on that page.

  7. Nice to see how the Aussie blogosphere has expanded.
    Great job with the voting system Vlado. Thanks for optional preferences.

    Small change request for *next* year (you’ve done more than enough this time!) The email confirmations are a nice touch – any chance of including the category in the subject line? Then can easily check and delete.

    As for living room – I was surprised at a lack of nomination too but then I thought – most of Darren’s blogs are special interest blogs (eg digital cameras, olympics etc) and money making ventures. They strike me as blogs you would check if say you were looking for a camera, or news about Idol. But not the sort of blog you would read regularly over a long time. A couple are also not the sort of blogs with information you would comment on – purely information. Darren also has a specific strategy for upping google hits which he has also explained on his blogs. But such hits might not necessarily translate to regular readers – just readers who may be interested in the specific blog topic and who may click through the ads.
    Nothing wrong with all of that but it may also explain why the living room blogs are not top of mind stuff or associated with ‘blogs’ as most of us think of them.

  8. Okay… the little problem with the vote notification for the Overseas ballot is fixed. Anyone that voted in the OS ballot, rest assured that despite the confirmation email saying your ACT vote was counted, it has infact counted towards the Overseas ballot.

    Saint… I’ll make note of your suggestion i.e. subject line, and make the necessary adjustments before next years vote.

    Keep the votes coming.

  9. Midnight on the 26th of January 2005. Results will be published later of the same day… considering releasing them one at a time, spaced throughout the day.

  10. Mr vlado (if I may), being accustomed to the world laid at my feet I consider it no small outrage having to ASK for something: Where is my voting slip, sir?
    Do you hear me? Where is it?
    My dear man, I bear no animosity, but you really do risk exile from among people who matter!

    LORD R.H.

  11. Lord R.H. – Your “voting slip” i.e. email telling you that your registration has been processed and where you can vote… should be in your inbox now.

    Flute – Exit Poll was released because of the delay in the count… caused by the early arrival of my daughter and the manual nature of the count last year. Thanks to the fact that my wife isn’t giving birth, and the voting software I’m using this year, I don’t expect a delay, thus there’s no real NEED for the exit poll.

    Not long to wait now anyway…

  12. I’d like to announce that I’ve got an entire guerilla army set up on the outskirts of the city ready to take the Presidential Palace and start executing people if I don’t win.

    Just saying…

  13. vlado. My dear chap. We aristocrats have no time for messing about, too busy chasing young ladies, as you know. Haw Haw Haw. Here’s my votes:

    Best overall Australian blog: Will type for food.
    (cheap blighter, eh, what?)

    Best Victorian Blog: Jazzyhands.
    (“Whoa! Cop the t–s on that!”)

    Most humorous Australian Blog: Between Coffees.
    (Terribly nice chap)

    Best W.A. Blog: There’s only one catboy.
    (There may be two. But who cares?)

    Best Blog Posting: “Sentry”
    (That’s him, same chap)

    Best Qld Blog: 85 George Street.
    (Surfboards. Beer. And young ladies!)

    And that’s it. That’s all.

    LORD R.H.
    Government House. Sydney.
    (Until Tuesday)

    Do you drive. I’ve got a Rolls Royce.

  14. Roulette? Poker? You filthy animal! Damned pest! Don’t talk to me about roulette – or bloody poker! I lost five million dollars at Monte Carlo, and then my HOMOSEXUAL chauffer took off with the croupier! And a damned good driver he was too! Reliable. Yes. Especially when taking young ladies home…. after a little…..er…..Well, you know!

    Haw! Haw! Haw!

    LORD R.H.
    Goverment House. Sydney!
    (Still there)

  15. Quiet day, went to SAVERS in the afternoon. Crowded – coat hangers flying everywhere. Got a pair of shoes: 7.99. Socks: 99 cents. And a brown vee-neck jumper with a purple border around the vee: 6.99 (thought that was a bit much). Also picked up a very cheeky little ornament. Not sure what it is, but looks like a bandicoot grinning from a tree branch. Or something else. I don’t know. The girls here reckon it’s a wombat. But what the hell would a bloody wombat be doing up a tree? Anyway, that shut them up. But finally, I did a silly thing; bought a portable TV for twenty dollars. Got it home, plugged it in, and it blew up. Frightened the shit out of me. Mind you, gave the girls a good laugh. That’s the nice thing about SAVERS, you never lose.

  16. Hello my dears. Well it seems I’ve made an awful boo-boo, that TV I bought was cheaper that $20.00. The actual price was $19.99. All SAVERS price tags end in 99. So endearing! That’s what I love so much about the place: its eccentricities. Golly, I mean, even when electrical items blow up – as they’re inclined to do, you get a good chuckle. As I say, you never lose.

    Not much to report today, I’ll probably go to Footscray Mall and hunt around for a few bumpers. “Got a light mate?” That’s what I’ll say – to the other deadbeats mooching around. Then I’ll sit on a bench with a few of them and have a bit of a sing song. Chattanooga Choo Choo is always very popular. Can’t think why. Maybe they’d like to be on their way there. Or on their way to anywhere? Who knows?

    ciao, darlings.
    (And I love you all. So much.)

  17. Get off my blog! Your bloody things don’t work anyway. I’ve tried them! You can get a better picture using a dinner plate!


    Good day. How are you. Right. So why are footpaths so dirty! Why don’t they turn up on time. And why aren’t there enough of them!
    And why aren’t I asked these questions on TV. Why isn’t my photo in the paper every day. Why don’t people point and recognise me…..”Hey, it’s him! President of the PUBLIC FOOTPATH USERS ASSOCIATION!”

    Last New Years Eve there weren’t enough footpaths for people to get home along! So how come more weren’t provided? Surely the bloody authorities know there’ll be bigger crowds! So what do they expect old ladies and pregnant women to do – walk on the roads? In some parts of Altona there’s no bloody footpaths at all! You have to get a taxi. And who can afford that?

    Anyway, here’s my meme. This is my newspaper (without a photo of me in it!), this is some small change I dumped on the table, and these are my toe nail clippings.

    Okay? Now Shutup!

    Posted at 5.45 p.m.
    Comments O.

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